{The Case of the Anonymous Birthday Response: photos w/captions}

An anonymous user has requested that I aid in their birthday wishes. While I still cannot rationalize the purpose of celebrations like these, as they only waste time and resources, John has informed me that it would be “nice of me” to do something about it. 

This is something. I’ve done it. It’s about this. Therefore, does it make me nice?

(Yes, I realize it’s a day early. I’ve a flight to catch shortly. It’s better than it being late, isn’t it?)

- SH


[Dear Anonymous, I hope you enjoy this and have a fantastic birthday! And don’t worry about those morons who forget your special day. They’re missing out on celebrating with what I suspect is a truly amazing person. You go and have fun now! Feliz cumpleaños! c: <3

Also, thank you for such kind words. I appreciate them immensely! *hugs* Thanks for the ask!

- consulting-death-frisbee]

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